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xtatic kenya rap female emcee africa aka priddy ugly hip hop friday dance video

friday night party track

Time to pump up the jams and get your lady power in gear, whether you stayed at home or are loading up your mp3 player for a long ride into the city, treat yourself to the latest track by Kenya’s hardest flowing emcee Xtatic. If you are looking to check out more of this refreshing female hip hop artist, start with The Prep Track and move onto the party track WILD! to really go hard in your fuzzy jammies. Oh, and Nicki? Eat your heart out.


blog buzz celeb snooki superficial vlog video news

snooki, professional blogger

Celebuzz gave Snooki her own blogging platform, complete with leopard print background that screams I’m sexy and young and feisty at any age. Celebuzz hosts other celebrity bloggers, namely the Kardashians (Kris Jenner included), as well as one of the more hatefully toned celebrity news sites on the internet, The Superficial. I want to say they also hosted fan sites at some point, but when I search for celebuzz Olsen the results of MKA on generic layouts don’t look familiar to me, y’all. The whole server looks as though it has been bought out by E! since I last looked, actually. Regardless, this is a new way to bring Snooki into our homes, and I’m not sure that I can really hate on it. Hear me out.

While I am not keen on what celebrity culture is doing to us and especially our young ones in any capacity, Snooki raw and uncut is a whole other story. Without the excessive production behind her and a bunch of goofy assholes surrounding her all the time, she comes off as her most authentic and likable self yet. In her own online space that is much more personalized and reserved for people who genuinely like her, she discusses the hatefulness servers like twitter can bring and how she wants to do more interacting with her fans. She emphasizes on staying positive and if I had a thirteen year old daughter that was watching her video blogs, I don’t think I’d be worried. Other than using the platform to capitalize on her brand, Snooki refers to herself as Nicole and my heart broke a little when she talked about being the best she could be for her son Lorenzo. It will be interesting to see where Polizzi’s online journey takes us, if we will learn more about her past and intimate details on her own life, like her relationship with food or advice to young girls on friendships and self-esteem. There is so much good that can come from this and yet it is highly probable all we will see are intricate product sales that push us further into the idea that consuming, consuming, consuming is all there is to life. Either way, if anyone can talk about the effects of bullying, it is America’s often-targeted punching bag whose intentions always seem pure of heart, despite occasionally being swallowed in naivety. It will be interesting to see which Matrix pill she chooses. Is there an updated metaphor for that yet?


contraception plan b abortion video women girls culture sex abstinence morning after pill

why plan b isn’t an abortion pill

Ever wonder if the myth of the abortion pill is true but don’t feel like looking into the research? Here is an fun video detailing what exactly happens when you take emergency contraception and how it really works. This will be especially interesting if you were raised in an abstinence-only education.


anxiety amy poehler aubrey plaza smart girls media video

amy & aubrey on anxiety

Another great segment of advice by Amy Poehler, featuring Aubrey Plaza, on navigating a room at a party and dealing with anxious feelings.


spooky exorcist linda blair 80s sitcom funny lol video

the exorcist: an 80’s sitcom

Ever wonder what that scary movie that haunted your dreams would be like with a little 80’s pizazz? Wonder no more, friends. Here is a great spin on an old classic.


cyber bully cyberbully digital harassment death suicide depression video girl high school terror horror sad cutting dicks young assholes slut shaming bullying

rage against the cyberbully

Dear people born in the 1990’s and beyond: you have got a lot of assholes in your peer group and unfortunately have to prove every single day that you are nothing like them. People who didn’t have social media in high school are associating the over-saturated youth as a bunch of compassionless dickheads with no skills outside of Facebook and Twitter. Amanda Todd is a girl who posted her heartbreaking story on youtube and killed herself two days ago after an endless road of bullying. It’s hard enough as it is to survive in the professional world, and young people have the least chance of getting hired these days, so all these cyberbully stories really aren’t helping your case. I didn’t even like high school kids when I was one, and the ones I’ve met since have come off as nothing short of soulless, entitled and completely incapable of basic human interaction. If you ever want to be taken seriously in life, get off the internet before it’s too late.

Here are just a few posthumous comments happening on this girl’s youtube channel right now:

RIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda ToddRIP Amanda Todd

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fuck off to bullying &
fuck off to slut shaming


sarah silverman video vote id fraud republican obama democrat issues social media

sarah silverman on voter id fraud

Sarah Silverman not only made a comeback kid video this election year, she also created her own youtube channel which you can subscribe to and stalk here. I believe the correct words for this are fuck yes!.


video tavi gevinson rookie mag feminism teen girl culture female youth

tavi gevinson is still figuring it out


amy poehler domestic workers alliance psa video storyboard

amy poehler for domestic workers


monarch programming mk ultra sigor ros shia labeouf nwo butterfly monarch celebrity culture blind hypnotized art music video

sigur ros & shia labeouf introduce you to monarch programming

Every time Shia starts grossing me out he somehow redeems himself in strange new ways. Here is a beautiful depiction of the process of a mind control victim and alternatively, the drug induced and wasteful youth. The breaking out of their programming at the end is beautiful and made me feel hopeful, despite knowing the depicting star has turned to artful porn in his career. What was that thing I said about celebrity culture?


school daze fun video girls women love a anthem

happy saturday! school daze fun


robyn hang with me video pop sweden fun dance girls sweet beat shake

break time, ladies: robyn - hang with me

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